This week on “Dancing with the Stars” travels back in time to the days of high school and Prom Night.

After a group performance on the dance floor the competition began with Ali and Mak performing a Viennese Waltz that the judges said had expression and quality of movement. Ali and Mark scored 23 points for their Viennese Waltz.

Andy Dick and Sharna performed a Cha Cha that the judges agreed was full of entertainment but had little to do with a Cha Cha. Andy and Sharna scored 18 points for their dance.

With Ingo entering the dance floor on a motorcycle, Ingo and Kym performed a Paso Doble that the judges said had power, attitude, and attack; but that Ingo needed to refine his shapes. Ingo and Kym scored 21 points for their Paso Doble.

Lisa and Gleb performed a Viennese Waltz that the judges said was glamorous and elegant but told Lisa that she needed to work on her posture and footwork. Lisa and Gleb scored 21 points for their dance.

Kellie and Derek performed a Jive to “Footloose” after Derek slid down the railing for the stairs. "That was ridiculously amazing. That was the fastest routine I've ever seen and you hit every little step," proclaimed Judge Carrie Ann Inaba. Len then named Kellie Pickler the official queen of the prom. Kellie and Derek took the top score of the night with 25 points.

Victor and Lindsay performed a Contemporary Dance that the surprised the judges with good lifts and breathtaking movements. With 23 points the judges called it Victor's best dance so far.

DL and Cheryl performed a Salsa to James Brown that the judges said had no rhythm or hip action. Carrie Ann said DL was what the show was about and could see some improvement. DL and Cheryl scored 16 points for their Salsa.

Jacoby and Karina performed a Rumba that impressed the judges who said it was powerful and brilliant with incredible artistry and quality of movement. Jacoby and Karina scored 24 points for their Rumba.

Wynonna and Tony performed a Samba to Def Leopard that included a pole dance but failed to impress the judges; saying the dance had no rhythm or hip action. Len compared the dance to Mount Rushmore saying that it looked beautiful but didn't go anywhere. Wynonna and Tony earned the lowest score of the night with 15 points.

Sean and Peta enlisted a little help from some of the DWTS Troupe members for their performance of “YMCA” by the Village People. The judges said that Sean's Cha Cha was full of fun, power, energy, and gusto. Carrie Ann said that there was one thing missing from the performance – Bruno. Sean and Peta scored 21 points for their dance.

The last performance of the night was a Viennese Waltz from Zendaya and Valentin that Zendaya dedicated to her Grandmother. The judges called the dance enchanting, beautiful, and effortless with emotions beyond Zendaya's years. Zendaya and Valentin earned 24 points for their Viennese Waltz.

Huey Lewis and the News and Demi Lovato visit the Ballroom on results night.

Here is a recap of the night's scores:

Wynonna and Tony - 15
DL and Cheryl - 16
Andy and Sharna – 18
Ingo and Kym – 21
Lisa and Gleb – 21
Sean and Peta - 21
Ali and Mark – 23
Victor and Lindsay – 23
Jacoby and Karina – 24
Zendaya and Valentin - 24
Kellie and Derek - 25