Keith Urban and Taking Back Sunday are joining the blockbuster line-up of performers who will be playing Live Earth New York at Giants Stadium on 7/7/07, Live Earth organizers announced today.

"Global warming is something that will ultimately affect all of us on this planet," said Urban, who is taking time out of his "Love, Pain & the whole crazy World Tour" to appear at Live Earth New York. "And if there is one thing that music can do, it is to bring people together despite their politics or differences."

"We all have our own beliefs, but I really feel that the issue of Global Warming is not a political issue up for debate. It's strictly a case of our survival in the near future, and it is proven scientific fact," said Fred Mascherino, lead guitarist for Taking Back Sunday. "The truth is that the more we know the more hope we all have."

Mascherino added: "Our actions can directly help to change the course of the climate problem. Making small changes in your life can add up and make a big difference. That is what makes Live Earth monumental. The fact that all of these people around the world are coming together to make this statement gives me hope. It's not just a grassroots fable anymore. It's reaching all of us. It's not everyday that the people on all 7 continents unite for one event. I think it's an extremely appropriate measure for what we're up against and the message it sends out is that it involves ALL of us, so let's ALL get involved."