Legendary rocker Keith Richards is enjoying his new-found success as an author - because fans no longer think he's just a drunk.

The Rolling Stones veteran released his tell-all tome Life last year and received much acclaim for the literary work, but Richards admits the book has done more than just entertain followers - it's altered his perception in the eyes of the public.

He tells GQ magazine, "It's weird. It changed, because of the book mainly. There's always going to be 'Keef' - you know, the one that closed down the liquor stores because he threatened to dry out. And, in a way, I've always felt honored by turning into a sort of cartoon..."

"And, yeah, that is part of me. Old Keef. You know. The drug one."

"But since the book came out there's 'Actually he can talk... He's read a book or two.' I don't particularly care whether people know that or not. But it's a nice counterbalance to 'Keef.' Presidents speak to me now."