Keira Knightley’s new movie Seeking a Friend for the End of the World opens this weekend. She plays a girl trodding through the last days of earth with her neighbor. Penny (Knightley) carries around a few vinyl records as her last mementos, which got her talking about music. In real life, any interest in music was only a recent addition to her life.

“I’ve actually come to [music] quite late,” Knightley said. “I didn’t like it when I was a teenager. I didn’t listen to it and I think it’s because when I was about 11 or 12 and I still wanted to play games, and the girls who I was really friends with got into boy bands and it was almost like they were taking my childhood away because I still wanted to be playing and they wanted to be that. I think I found it really offensive for a really long time because of that. So it’s actually only when I hit about 24, 25 that I really started getting into it and understanding it on a personal level to me, and suddenly finding things actually I really liked.”

Now 27, the math puts her musical awakening at around 2010. Before then, music was a world where Knightley saw cliques of people who only listened to what they deemed “cool.” She would have no part of that. “I’ve also never kind of liked the scene, like what’s cool. It’s the same thing I don’t like in fashion. I don’t like the idea that there can be anything wrong, that you can listen to things that people go, ‘You shouldn’t be listening to that.’ I don’t like that about it but I love the idea that it can completely capture a moment, a summer, a relationship. I love that kind of memory. Somebody said earlier it’s what you do to make sure that you know that you’re not alone and I love that kind of vibe that you’ve got, seeking an understanding and seeking a companionship. I love that about it and I’ve grown to love that about it.”

So there are no personal favorites on Knightley’s iPod just yet, but she’ll appreciate anyone who can appreciate music passionately. “I’m not a music lover in the same way that Penny is. I love people who love music but in the same way that I love people who are real enthusiasts about everything. I think music in particular touches people in such an amazingly emotional way. I think that’s why most of my best friends are passionate, absolutely obsessed with music and I haven’t been that at all.”

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World opens Friday.