The baby daddy saga continues! Who is Khloe’s real father? This is still a big question as Keeping up with the Kardashians season 7 picks up right where Khloe & Lamar season 2 left off. “If she f*cked other people go on Maury I don’t care,” Khloe expressed after being confronted once again. But mommy dearest wouldn’t back down and seemed to be the main one stirring up trouble throughout the episode. Other drama included Bruce who felt like the family was neglecting him and an annoyed Kourtney who felt like Kim and Khloe weren't doing their part with DASH.

The episode started off with a small gathering at the Jenner house including Khloe who came in from Dallas, Kim, Kris, Scott and Baby Mason. During the dinner Kourtney opens up about panty issues and body changes due to her second pregnancy, leading Scott to chime in with thoughts about not getting any action in the bedroom. 

After everyone heads home Kris walks upstairs and notices that Bruce was home the entire time, and when he finds out that he missed everything, he goes off. “I’ll go where I’m wanted with the dogs.” Throughout the episode the bickering continues between these two, and Bruce even sets up shop at Khloe’s California home for a couple of days to prove that no one would miss him. And the funny thing is that nobody did. 

Meanwhile Kris is letting her guilty conscience get the best of her and comes up with a plan on how she can get Khloe to take a paternity test. She speaks with a doctor who tells her that he would need to gather DNA from her, Khloe and three siblings, and from there the plotting began. 

Kris calls a family meeting to tell Kourtney and Kim what needs to be done. Kim is in agreement with Kris’ plan, but Kourtney resists and says that she will only agree if it’s fine with Khloe. After finally getting the consent of the girls, Kris tells Rob her plan while looking for his new place before he heads to London to explore the fashion world. Rob mentions how ridiculous he thinks the whole thing is, but eventually agrees to take the DNA test. From there Kris arranges for the doctor to come over to the Jenner mansion.

In the meantime Kourtney decides to take full control of the DASH LA store by searching for a location and doing the buying on her own. This eventually leads to a catfight between her and Kim. Kris gives her input and tells Kourt that she is a control freak and needs to include her sisters in the process. But, before she makes an attempt to do so Kim realizes what she has been doing, and these two go at it.

So, does any of the drama get resolved? Bruce decides to take full control and makes the family give him attention. So, he confiscates Kendall and Kylie’s phones and takes the two and Kris for ice cream. He appreciates the time and is glad he took the initiative, because during the "old fashion" outing he learns that Kylie needs help with school.

As for Khloe’s paternity test Kris struggles with telling Khloe why she wants her to take the DNA test, and decides to write a heartfelt letter. At first Khloe refuses to read the letter and the two get into a heated argument, but after Kris leaves the room in tears she decides to take a read. Khloe gets a little mushy over the letter but still doesn't budge. She tells Kris that she knows who her dad and stepdad is and does not want to take the test. And Kris finally backs down.

With the DASH store Kourtney realizes that she is being a complete control freak and reminisces on how fun it was working with her sisters. So she decides to invite Khloe and Kim to check out one of the locations for the store. The girls all love the location and it’s XOXO from there.

And that's pretty much it until next week. The season premiere brought some drama, but not as much as we've seen in prior seasons. I guess it's because there is no wedding this time around. There were no appearances by Kanye, but hopefully he will come in and add that extra spice.

As for the paternity test thing, I am so over it. Can we please move on? I love Khloe and respect her decision, but I think it's best that she takes the test so that she can have some closure.

What about you? Also, what did you think about the premiere?