No matter how hard she tries, Kris Jenner can't escape the ugliness from her memoir. “Did you bone him there in the bathroom?” was one of the sly remarks that Kourtney said to her mom. Hormones? And throughout the latest episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," not so daughterly like words followed one after the other, leaving you guessing what else Kourtney would pull out of her back pocket.

The episode started with Kendall and Kylie having an eyelash and bed jumping bonding session with Kim. Meanwhile Kourtney and Mason met with Kris at the Health Nut where the claws first seem to come out. During the lunch Kourtney made it clear that she was annoyed, especially when Kris questioned why Mason was wearing a pink shirt and sunglasses. From there Kris expressed how Kourtney was her biggest critic and told the mommy-to-be "Sometimes you can be really rude."

Back at the Jenner mansion Kendall and Kylie learned from Kris that they would be West Coast contributors for Seventeen magazine. The two were given their first assignment where they had to approach girls about modeling. The teens were both psyched about the opportunity, but Kendall seemed to be a little intimidated. During the assignment her nerves got the best of her and she ends up sitting down eating. Kylie gets very upset and confronts Kendall by saying, "You need to be more professional."

In the meantime Kim and Khloe intervene in the Kris and Kourtney drama after Kourtney expresses how she feels about Kris to Kim during lunch. Surprisingly Khloe sides with Kris and tells Kim that Kourtney shouldn’t judge, considering her baby daddy issues. She also added that, "Nobody knows what happened between mom and dad, but mom and dad."

The episode continued with Kourtney hosting her first official family dinner/WWF match at the new place. "You are so inappropiate and embarrassing," Kourtney said spitefully to Kris during the dinner. "There is no shame in your game." After insult after insult, the momager tells Kourtney to step outside. While outside the two bicker about the memoir and Kris asks her if she is ever going to get over it, but Kourtney refuses to chat and in the middle of the conversation she walks away.

Later that night Scott asks Kourtney about the situation with her mom, but she brushes it off. He confronts her about never talking to him and holding things in. "You are going to keep everything in and blow up one day," Scott said. She continued to avoid speaking about the situation, and Scott ends the convo by letting her know that he loves her.

Back at the Jenner house Kylie tells Kim about the conflict she had with Kendall. Kim responds by telling her a story about Khloe and Kourtney helping her break out of her shell, encourages Kylie to do the same and volunteers to go out with the two. The three go out and Kendall approaches one girl and with Kim and Kylie's support she is able to get over her fear of approaching people. "Once I spoke to the first person I realized that it really wasn't that hard."

Meanwhile Kris is a mess and confides in Bruce about Kourtney bringing up the past. "It's bothering me, because she is upset that her life will turn out like mines," said a tearful Kris. "It honestly breaks my heart." She continues to breakdown and says that she can't control the way the girls are feeling.

Afterward Bruce takes Kim, Kendall and Kylie on a hike, and Kim completely freaks out when she sees a spider. Bruce teases the girls and they end up leaving him. Back at the house Bruce brings out another spider to help Kim get over her fear, and she runs out of the house hysterically almost crying.

Following this Kim decides to prank Bruce by bringing in his son Brandon to make him think that someone stole her Ferrari. Bruce gets very nervous about the situation and seeing that her plan worked, Kim and Scott decide to drive up and say "roadside assistance." After Kim gets him back, Bruce decides to find an easier approach to helping Kim overcome her spider phobia. This time he sits a little spider by her in a jar and she eventually realizes that they are not so bad.

As for Kourtney she decides to skype with Khloe who convinces her to speak with her therapist. During her session she lets out all of her frustation and the psychologists tells her to speak to her mom and Scott. Kourtney apologizes to Scott for not opening up, he jokes about the scarf on her head "Arabian Night" and the two kiss. Afterward she settles the score with Kris and accepts a very pink gift that she refused at first.

Kourtney's sarcasm was hilarious. At one point I did start to feel bad for Kris though. What about you? Also, what did you think about the episode? Another new episode airs tonight on E! at 9/8c, be sure to tune in.

It looks like Kris is going to have a major breakdown.