Kourtney and Kim are bonding over her pregnancy, but it has the nasty side effect of leaving Khloe out of their conversations. And it’s not just a sometimes thing – they ignore their sister to her face while she’s shopping for baby clothes with them. Considering the very public struggles Khloe has experienced with infertility, it might do her sisters some good to be kind and let her in on the fun, or at least be decent humans and answer her when she speaks. Right?

Kris takes Kim and Kylie out for lunch, and casually remarks about a woman in the bathroom who peed for three straight minutes, when she gets back to the table. The girls tell her that people definitely pay attention to her bathroom habits when she’s in a public restroom, since she’s famous; now Kris has pee anxiety and won’t be able to pee in public for fear of strangers listening.

Brandon and Leah are on the verge of putting out their debut EP, but are disagreeing on how soon it will be finished. Leah’s a perfectionist, and though their songs are great, she just wants them to be a little greater. Brandon is a little more laid back, and wants the album out as soon as possible. They go for some froyo with stepsister Kim, and get a taste of what life in the spotlight is like when paparazzi won’t leave her alone. Leah’s in awe when a photog bangs on the window and a heavily pregnant Kim confronts him.

Kris’ pee anxiety comes to a new low when she decides that she can’t use any restroom that might have other people inside. When driving to Malibu to see Bruce, she has to pee so badly that she can’t make it inside. She winds up peeing on the side of his beach house instead.

She’s livid when she finds out that Kendall and Kylie have posted a video of her in a bathroom stall on their blog. They maintain that they’re just trying to get her to overcome her fear – she grounds them.

Kim hears from her pal Ryan Seacrest that he wants Leah and Brandon to play at an upcoming music festival, but she’s shocked when Leah is hesitating to sign up. This could be their big break, and she doesn’t want to perform because their album isn’t totally perfect. Who cares?! Brandon is clearly pissed, but doesn’t want to upset his wife.

To make amends for the whole “posting a video of mom on the toilet” thing, Kendall and Kylie enlist Rob and some musician pals to record a song together about how cool/normal it is to pee. It wins her over, and all is well on the peeing front.

Leah, it turns out, is the daughter of Eagles guitarist Don Felder. They have a touching heart to heart, where Leah reveals the real reason why she’s stalling about the album release – she’s worried that the album will be successful, and that it will jeopardize her relationship with Brandon, and her life in general. Her dad tells her that while being a perfectionist is great for her music (he should know), she needs to let go of her real fears of being rejected as an artist and let the music speak for itself.

Leah talks it out with Brandon, and he tells her that she has nothing to worry about. They’re going to move forward with that album, their relationship that much stronger. Say “awwww.”

Kris shows up to Khloe’s house in a limo wearing a sombrero, ready for a night on the town. Since her sisters are being particularly awful, Kris feels it’s her duty to cheer her up. They hit up a cantina first, for tequila shots and margaritas. Now three sheets to the wind, Kris gets the brilliant idea to head to CVS for supplies and prank whomever they know “with no sense of humor” (Kim).

Meanwhile, Kim and Jonathan are having a quiet evening at home, while waiting for Kanye to come into town. Kris and Khloe go to town on the house, throwing toilet paper everywhere, spraying silly string, and writing their names in shaving cream on the fences. It’s not pretty, and Kim is livid.

The next morning, Kim and Kourtney show up at Kris’ house to confront the partners in crime, who are both nursing some serious hangovers. Since they correctly identified Kim as one without a sense of humor, she won’t stop screaming and threatening to call the police. But when Kris explains why they let loose – because Khloe had been feeling left out from the baby talk – the sisters soften. Nobody is trying to ignore her intentionally, so all is forgiven. Hey, Jonathan cleaned it all up anyway.

The day of Brandon and Leah’s show arrives, and everyone is there. Brody even makes his mandatory contracted E! appearance for a few minutes. They perform for a huge audience, and all of Leah’s fears are erased. Could this be their big break?

Grade: C

Stray Observations:

- It’s interesting that Leah says that she is scared of the possibility of fame after seeing Kim’s life. Should someone tell her that she’s on Kim’s reality show?

- It’s also nice to know that it’s okay to rag on Jonathan in the open now. Making fun of him cleaning up the toilet paper is what brought the sisters back together again.