Kim isn’t just a regular celebrity; she’s also a cool girl. And she’s absolutely obsessed with little sister Kylie’s tumblr, which details the 15 year-old’s favorite new clothes and trends. So why isn’t amazingly hip and massively pregnant Kim given a shoutout for her fabulous style?

Do you think this is ridiculous for a 30 year-old woman to gripe about? Well too bad, because it’s all Kim talks about the rest of the episode. Buckle in.

The human embodiment of sadness Bruce Jenner has now decided to pay attention to his elderly mother Esther, whose third husband has just died at the age of 95. And because he can’t just mention to Kris like a normal person that he wants to spend more time with his mother, he has to turn it into a huge thing about his wife not getting along with her.

God Bruce, just let Kris live. It’s a terrible day when you make me Team Kris. Apparently nobody in the family has seen Grandma Esther for several years, as she lives in Idaho, and she has never particularly liked Kris that much. It’s not her fault. Bruce wants her to come with him to Idaho to visit for Esther’s 87th birthday, so she’s understandably hesitant.

You might recall from a few weeks ago the hilarious prank that the girls and Scott have been playing on Kris for months. Scott calls Kris up and pretends to be an old family friend named Todd Kraines, but with a strange, lilted voice. He sends her flowers and champagne whenever she inevitably hangs up on him. Needless to say, it totally freaks her out.

But Scott has had enough. The girls are constantly hounding him to “do the Todd prank” every time he’s even near a phone, and he’s getting a sick of it. He just can’t live this life any more. The girls end it in the best way possible: by calling the real Todd Kraines and asking him to show up to their mother’s house so she’ll think it’s her stalker.

Since the whole “going out to Idaho” thing wasn’t the greatest idea, Bruce decided to bring his mother out to California for her birthday so she could celebrate with her grandchildren. Brody’s not there, but whatever. Kris’s claims about being unliked are clearly fueled by herself when you see her interact with her mother-in-law; when she arrives at the house she sulks in the corner and eats a plate of pasta without even saying hello. You’re not my real mom.

But Esther’s birthday dinner turns out to be lovely, and the two women come to an understanding (for the cameras) about their mutual respect for each other and their love for Bruce. Hey, it’s been 23 years; they need to at least pretend.

And no, Kim never made it on to Kylie’s tumblr because she’s a crazy person who needs to stop, immediately. She gets upset when she spots a photo of her little sister at a premiere wearing one of her outfits, and decides that the rational thing to do is take back all of the clothes she has ever leant her. Like a good sister. Because she’s never been on her tumblr.

Until next week?

Grade: B+

Stray Observations:

- Obviously the whole Kylie obsession is something to do with Kim trying to embrace youth, but jacking a 15 year-old’s style is a bit much. Seeing her lumber into the room wearing a beanie and a chambray shirt was amazing, though.

Kim: “If I’m not good enough for her tumblr, then she’s not good enough for my clothes”