Kendall and Kylie are no longer the little girls introduced in the first season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, but fully-fledged moneymakers in their own rights. Kylie has dreams of becoming an actress, and is working with a super peppy agent/coach to snag auditions. Meanwhile, Kendall is well on her way to becoming a supermodel. Right now, she’s working with Russell James to achieve her dream.

And they also have their own clothing line, much like their older sisters. It’s pretty cute. But Kendall only wants to stick with high fashion, and can’t slum it in Forever 21 and swimwear photoshoots with her little sis. Life is hard.

Rob is such a constant jerk that none of the girls, or even his own mother, believe him when his car gets towed and he needs a ride home. He throws a hissy fit when he has to get a cab instead; the worst part is that nobody believed him because he said he was out jogging when it happened. It’s a “cry wolf” situation – Rob is always messing around and being a generally unpleasant person, that nobody knows when to take him seriously anymore. Couple that with his recent depression, and it’s a nightmare.

When Kendall and Kylie get booked on yet another shoot together, their sibling rivalry comes to a head. Kendall is passionate and serious about modeling, but to Kylie, it’s just another fun part of her life. She spends the shoot taking selfies in her makeup chair and goofing around, while Kendall sulks. Maybe it’s time for this twosome to split?

As it turns out, Kylie agrees. She feels that Kendall is overbearing in that big sister way. So, in the passive aggressive tradition of sisters everywhere, she goes to dinner with one of their friends without telling Kendall, and that is SOOOOO not okay. It’s on. 

Scott, as you might recall, had a semi-lucrative career/distraction as a racecar driver back in Miami, much to Kourtney’s chagrin. Now his BFF Chapman has set him up an opportunity to get back behind the wheel in LA and make a career out of it, and he feels the need for speed. With his blessing from Kourt secured, he heads off to attend driving school.

Rob’s troubles continue when he gets into an altercation with the paparazzi while leaving the gym. He doesn’t want his picture taken, so he grabs the photog’s camera – allegedly – and all hell breaks loose. They threaten to press charges for his “assault,” even though the incident happened on private property and they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

The Kendall and Kylie feud continues…now Kylie says that she doesn’t invite Kendall anywhere because Kendall never wants to go. Well that just escalates the fighting. A third World War involving a highly important pair of ski pants blows their relationship apart, and now it’s up to Khloe and Kourtney to mend the broken pieces. They bring each sister, unbeknownst to the other, to a trampoline park for some fun bonding. And it works! Jumping up and down next to someone you hate is the best remedy for hurt feelings. They agree to talk out their issues and work along side each other once more.

Scott is already off to a bad start when his plane gets delayed and makes him late for his first day of racing school in Monterey. His anxiety mounts when he finally makes it to class, and everyone, in matching racing suits no less, introduces themselves one by one. Everyone has years more experience than Scott, and it’s visibly eating him up. The other students are even giggling like high schoolers when it’s his turn and he talks about his minor time behind the wheel. After a short time, he can’t take it anymore and books it back to Calabasas. 

When Scott gets home, he tells Kourtney how deep his social anxiety around the racing school runs. He felt trapped and insecure because he had less experience than the other drivers, and now he’s just completely giving up on his dreams. Kourt talks it over with him, and tells him not to give up just yet – his anxiety shouldn’t hold him back from his goals. If only Rob could take her advice.

Meanwhile, Rob’s lawyer emails Kris and informs her that the DA is going to press charges; he has to turn himself in and face the court for breaking the camera, or get arrested. Luckily, when he gets down to the courthouse, all of the charges are dropped because the whole case is absurd. But that’s not good enough for Kris – she has to hire a therapist to tell her that she’s not a terrible mother for screwing up Rob. Not a therapist to HELP Rob, or anything, just to tell her that she’s doing okay.

But the therapist tells her that he can help Rob if he wants the help. As it turns out, Rob is very, very opposed to getting any help. He sees it as a sign of weakness, and won’t talk no matter how much a tearful Kris pleads.

Grade: B

Stray Observations:

- Rob is a monster for making fun of his sister’s pregnancy weight gain. Let’s put that out there. But “what’s up, fat feet?” is a pretty solid burn to greet Kim with, if this recap is going to be honest.

- Best Quote: Kendall to Kylie, RE: the ski pants “I want to take that knife over there and like stab you with it in the neck like multiple times.”