After eight years of working tirelessly to ensure that nobody ever forgets what her family looks like for one split second, it’s finally time for Kris Jenner to shine. Four sisters!

For one brief episode in the sun, the focus shifted to Kris’ short-lived (already cancelled, like you’re surprised) daytime talk show hellscape, the aptly named Kris. She’s over the moon about her new gig, which she repeatedly tells the camera is her ultimate dream come true.

Her best friend Kathy Lee Gifford (!!) is on deck to dole out advice on the day of the first episode. But where she’s lacking support is in the family department. They’re all happy for her, of course, but everyone is treating her with mild boredom and bemusement. “Aw, cute show. That’s nice, mom” kind of stuff. Kourtney and Scott admit at dinner that they don’t even watch the program, which seems a bit much. Sure, Kris is The Worst, but she’s also Kourtney’s mother; they (and the rest of the family) need to at least pretend like they care.

While Kris is busy being an 80s businesswoman, Bruce plans a family roadtrip to the desert in an RV. The fun family members are all on board to go: Brandon, Leah, Kendall, Kylie, Khloe and Rob. Khloe is psyched to go because she needs a distraction from her problems at home. She’s also got something planned – since she and her siblings are obsessed with alien abductions, they’re going to hijack the roadtrip from Bruce and take the RV to Area 51.

The roadtrip is normal family fodder with a Kardashian twist. Normal families might take a fun trip to Area 51 to check out hokey alien rumors and see the place for themselves. The Kardashian-Jenner version of this trip involves hiring a man named Travis Walton, who was literally abducted by aliens in the 70s, to take them to the spot for a more personal experience. The whole gang is enthralled by his tale, save for Bruce, who is still being a baby about his camping trip being changed.

It’s extra sad when Walton reveals that Bruce is his hero, and he was looking forward to meeting him. Bruce, this man has been abducted by aliens and he’s excited about meeting you. Buck up. The rest of the trip is loads of fun, albeit (real) alien-free, but Khloe is getting weighed down by a big burden back in LA.

Lamar calls Khloe constantly while she’s away, but she feels that if she ignores him, he won’t have anyone else. Still, it’s a bit much and she rightfully declines a couple calls. Then he calls Bruce – to check if Khloe’s actually with him on the trip. Wow, dude. The group is visibly uncomfortable about this call, and Khloe looks like she’s about to burst into tears.

As they’re driving home, Khloe gets another call – this time from her assistant – saying that Lamar wasn’t at the house that morning, and is no longer answering his phone. Khloe casually, and wearily, remarks that this isn’t the first time that it’s happened. For her sake, the family shrugs it off, but they’re all reeling.

In happier news, Kim heard about Kris’ hurt feelings (since they live in the same house) and decided to give her mother’s show her official stamp of support. Despite being self-conscious and uncomfortable post-pregnancy, Kim records a video to play on Kris. It’s very sweet, but it’s also kind of hilarious that Kris mentions it about eighth on her list of nice things that her family wound up doing for her to support her show during its run. It’s the thought that counts, Kimmy.

Grade: A

Stray Observations:

Again, with the not-so-subtle mentions of drug addicts who aren’t Lamar but might as well be. This time it was Kendall and Khloe talking about Cory Monteith’s death, and we got to hear Bruce’s thoughts about addicts being horrible selfish people who need to take responsibility for their choices. What a convenient conversation to have with Khloe!

Man, Kris did not go down well, did it? In what – 10ish episodes – she had Khloe co-host twice, Scott co-host once, Kanye on as a guest, Kim do the video message, Bruce as a guest and Kendall and Kylie for a fashion segment. That’s rough.