Part two of the Kardashians’ wild Greek adventure continues (without Rob) as Khloe and Kourtney try to get over their fear of the ocean. Snorkeling gives them panic attacks, but they make a YOLO pact that the Jenner side of the family can’t show them up and have more fun on the trip.

Well, Brody’s not exactly having the best time. You see, he kind of hates Kris and everything she stands for because she came into his life at an early age and forced his dad away from him. You know, small stuff. And the whole “forgot to invite you to Greece” thing. But he’s trying to be cordial and have a good time without ruining it for everyone else, despite the absence of his wingman Rob.

Scott is also conspicuously absent from the trip because he has a long, storied history of bumping heads with Kourtney’s family whenever they go on vacation. See: last year’s trip to the Dominican Republic and every other trip they have ever taken. Wise choice, Disick! Still, Kourtney’s bummed that her man isn’t around to make memories with her and the kids, even if it means saving the family a fight or two in the process.

Scott is living it up in London and doing a few appearances for some spare change in the mean time, and will meet the group in Santorini for at least a little bit of vacation at the end of the trip. He’s certainly missing out on the drama.

Greece is beautiful, so the family takes advantage by taking a massive yacht out on the sea for an entire day. Brandon and Leah bow out for the day, much to poor Brody’s horror and disappointment, so they can have a romantic day to themselves. It’s perfect – now Brody is forced to bond with his stepfamily in paradise. What could go wrong?

The main disconnection between Kris and Brody is that the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch is loud, brash and very open about making sexual comments, whereas Brody didn’t grow up in that environment. He doesn’t want to hear someone making lewd remarks about his dad (who does?). So when he has to spend an entire day with her, he finds it a bit grating.

Sure, they’re all partying on a yacht, cruising on jet skis and having a blast, but there’s a definite undercurrent of tension running throughout the whole affair. Kris, perhaps not displaying the best judgment, pulls a weird stunt where she rubs sunscreen on Brody’s back (rather suggestively) and tells him that he looks just like his father. Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson.

He tells Brandon about this incident later, when everyone gets back to shore. Their big concern at this point is the way that Kris treats their father; even if Bruce doesn’t say it, Kris calls all the shots in every aspect of their life, and the boys are worried that their father is unhappy for it. Add that to Brody’s general dislike of Kris, and it’s a messy cocktail.

Things come to a head on a day trip when Brody sits down to talk to Kris. It’s more of a confrontation if we’re being honest. He essentially tells her that she’s vapid and self-centered, and never cared for him and Brandon growing up. She takes this as a personal attack, and is horrified that he feels she’s anything less than a model stepmother. Then why is this the first season we’ve ever even seen Brody? But like all good things on this show, this fight will be continued next week…

Grade: A

Stray Observations:

- Kris looked cute in her wig, but she really knows how to beat a dead horse. It was funny the first couple times she came out wearing it, but there was no need to continue parading around Greece pretending to be the “fourth sister.” That shot of it floating in the water after it flew off her head was priceless.