Katy Perry is noticing many of her contemporaries are taking off their clothes to get noticed, but she believes it's not necessary.

Perry, who admits she has stripped down herself, argued in an interview with NPR that female pop stars shouldn't have to "play the sexy card." She said, "But, you know, it's funny. I do see myself becoming this, whatever, inspiration out of default right now, 'cause it's such a strange world. Like females in pop - everybody's getting naked. I mean, I've been naked before but I don't feel like I have to always get naked to be noticed. But it's interesting to see..."

Host Scott Simon interjected, "Are you talking about anyone in particular or we can fill in the blank," assuming Perry was talking about Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga.

Perry replied, "I'm not talking about anyone in particular. I'm talking about all of them. I mean, it's like everybody's so naked. It's like put it away. We know you've got it. I got it too. I've taken it off for - I've taken it out here and there. And I'm not necessarily judging. I'm just saying sometimes it's nice to play that card but also it's nice to play other cards. And I know I have that sexy card in my deck but I don't always have to use that card."

A young fan asked Perry what it was like to be a pop star, to which she replied, "It's a balancing act. It's like dancing and running and jumping and sleeping all on a balancing beam. But it's super fun and sometimes you get a great soundtrack to go along with that dance."