We just got our hands on a great bunch of Katy Perry promo pics from her "Teenage Dream" video shoot! They feature the pop star in various positions wearing a latex bikini, "sundae with a cherry on top" bra, a garland of flowers and looking absolutely delicious!

Katy is preparing to debut a feline-themed fragrance later this year. The singer, who is a big cat lover, will release Purr by Katy Perry in November, which comes in a cat-shaped bottle with jeweled eyes and contains aromas of peach, apple and bamboo.

Not only does Katy like to smell good - she likes clean teeth too. She brushes her teeth at least three times daily because she never wants to be accused of having bad breath.

She explained, "I'm really anal about that because I like good breath. A turn off for me with guys is, like, halitosis...I'm the kind of friend that's like, 'Stick a piece of gum in your mouth, 'cos I'm gonna save some friendships for you.'









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