Katie Holmes did something really strange on Aug. 6 - she left Suri with Tom in Berlin and flew to L.A. alone! Why the sudden solo departure?

Katie headed home to have a secret meeting with her agents and producers about starring in the big-screen version of the popular ‘70s television series Wonder Woman. “Katie apparently didn’t want Tom to be a part of the discussions,” the source tells Star magazine.

The movie version of Wonder Woman has been bouncing around Hollywood for years, but with the success of Spiderman, Transformers and other blockbusters based on cartoons and toys, it’s been moved to the front burner.

“The movie’s only at the discussion state, but Katie feels this role as a kick-ass superhero will put her back in the public eye,” the source says. “She wants to show her stuff, and she wants to prove that she can stand on her own two feet without Tom’s help. Tom, at times, feels compelled to oversee Katie’s career, but Katie is bent on doing this alone. She actually scheduled the meeting when she knew Tom wasn’t going to be able to be there.” Cruise has been filming the WWII themed Valkyrie in Berlin since July.

Cruise watchers immediately started whispering about why Katie didn’t fly back with her 16-month-old daughter, Suri. “It was a matter of give and take,” the source says. “Tom must have said, ‘Fine, go to L.A. for your meeting, but leave Suri with me.’ Katie really had no choice.”

The couple, who just completed a fun-filled vacation in St. Tropez, dining, swimming and Jet Skiing, still has issues, as most other couples do. “Tom is eager for Katie to have another child, and she wants to finish another movie first,” says a source.

-Katie Holmes Pictures