Kate Upton was flashing a ring after the Orlando Magic's game on Friday, but it wasn't from boyfriend Justin Verlander!

Kate tweeted, "Thanks @STUFF_mascot for the proposal tonight! Great game!" with the above photo featuring a massive "diamond" the size of her hand. She received the ring from Magic mascot Stuff when he went down on one knee and proposed - while her boyfriend Justin wasn't in his seat beside her! "I was gone for 5 seconds!" the pitcher wrote in response to her post.

The mascot tweeted as well, explaining, "She didnt say yes... and she didnt say no... so you're saying there's a chance!" and, "@JustinVerlander when you got it, you got it... sorry Verlander... boo thang--> @KateUpton."

Perhaps Verlander should put a real ring on Upton's finger before another magical creature comes along to whisk her away.