New blog posts from Kate Gosselin were recently posted online and she talked about her day-early Easter celebration with the kids and her "Dancing With The Stars" experience so far.

Here are excerpts from her two most recent posts:

DANCING WITH EASTER EGGS - "So today was Easter in our house! The kids woke up early to their Easter baskets on the kitchen table at their assigned places. I had already been up dancing for an hour and came upstairs at precisely 7:30 am to watch their faces as they dove into their overflowing baskets! The shrieks of delight were all the thanks I needed -- and there were choruses of them, trust me! "

FACE OF TERROR - "I've been told by more than one person (including a dwts producer) that on the night of the first dwts elimination, the expression on my face looked like something out of a horror movie. I didn't realize this, obviously, until I saw it for myself ... and even I was a bit frightened. (Thank goodness my kids were in bed that night -- I didn't want them to watch just in case I was eliminated, but I had no idea I was inadvertently saving them from nightmares.) All joking aside, I WAS scared to death! "

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