In her new movie, The Warrior’s Way, Kate Bosworth plays a western tough girl who romances a Korean warrior. She could relate to this because many of her real life boyfriends have hailed from abroad.

“I think the last three boyfriends have been foreigners, as it’s an obvious habitual trait of mine,” Bosworth joked. “[Jang] Dong-gun is so lovely, and so it’s very easy for me to organically form a relationship with him, even if it was just in a look. It was effortless to be honest. There was no force that needed to happen. I suppose we were lucky in that way, that it was just an ease between us from the very beginning. Their relationship was very well formed on the page.”

Jang is a Korean sensation making his American film debut. He meshed well with Bosworth, even if it was only professional.“I suppose if you have two actors that naturally work together and get along, you work the scenes out together. We had quite a bit of rehearsal, and I know he was most concerned with the English aspect of it, so I think for him it was a little bit of a challenge to master the English language and putting the emotion into it as well, and not just saying lines, and also embodying the emotional sides of things. We rehearsed a lot for that reason, and then as soon as we were on set and worked through the scenes, it was very easy.”

The Warrior’s Way is now playing.