Move over, Ellen Page- there's a new quirky ingénue on the teen movie front. Her name is Dennings, Kat Dennings and she brings with her a creative imagination and a vibrant personality that makes her sincerely unique.

Although she seems to be new to the film industry, Dennings has been clawing her way into our consciousness since she was fourteen years old. She started her career with commercials until landing parts on T.V. shows such as Sex And The City, Without A Trace , and Raising Dad. In 2004, Dennings finally made the leap to feature films with Raise Your Voice, working alongside Hilary Duff. Four years later, the now twenty-two year old actress has done a slew of major films. The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Charlie Bartlett, House Bunny, and the recent Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, which features her in her first starring role, are among the films on her resume.


Nick and Norah involves the two title characters spending a night in New York City avoiding exes, searching for a drunken friend and following clues to a secret concert performed by their favorite band. Norah's personality seems to be very similar to Dennings'. Dennings is quoted in an article on the Los Angeles Times website saying the only difference between her and Norah and is that Norah is "insecure and a bit of a pushover."

Perhaps what is most appealing about Kat Dennings is how relatable she is. When she is not working, Dennings is blogging about topics such as her admiration for Steve Martin, her unfortunate encounters with insects, and why she hates throw pillows. She also has a YouTube account. Her YouTube video posts consist of Dennings dancing on a trampoline with cheese and depicting her hatred of cleaning. Her blog, which can be found at, consists of her everyday experiences and various random thoughts from the cuteness of hamsters to the painting of her nails to the effects of having mono. Dennings' blog displays her large vocabulary, fluent writing style, and an eccentric personality that is lively and in your face, in the most charming way.

Story by Sara Martone

Starpulse contributing writer