Everybody knows what they say about karma - the good kind occasionally comes back around, but the bad kind almost always gets you in the end. That's exactly what happens to this biker who is filmed in the midst of a potentially dangerous traffic violation.

KRON4 news correspondent Stanley Roberts has a TV segment that documents and exposes people doing things they know are wrong, and doing their best to get away with it. Most of the time, the broadcast serves as a means to inform and enlighten rather than humiliate and provoke, but that's just what this particular footage did.

After filming a motorcyclist use a highway On Ramp as an Off Ramp, Stanley was approached by the agitated and foul mouthed biker who walked 50 yards across traffic to confront him. Apparently the biker was a little miffed that Roberts had caught his violation on tape, and tried to rationalize his anger by saying that Stanley had no right to be filming. In fact, on public property, Stanley had every right to be filming. The biker parts and comes back, only to depart with a few more swears.

But that's not the end of the story. Take a look below to see the resolution. Without ruining anything, both types of karma were in play here - and it's rarely been more deserving.