Motivation to get your body in shape comes easy in the summer months when your bikini body is on display.  But once the weather cools down, you definitely do not want to lose the physique you worked so hard for. With the premiere of "Jersey Shore" just around the corner, JWOWW shares her top three tips below to staying motivated and keeping that bikini body in tip top shape through the year.

1. Cut-Out The Take-Out: If you think it’s a pain to cook all the time or you’re worried that healthy foods are expensive, there are ways to make it easy, delish and cheap!  Set aside time each week, go to the store and stock up on ingredients. You’d be surprised how much money AND calories you can save when you buy ahead of time and plan what you’re going to eat before you get hungry.

2. Change is Good: Don’t you get tired of doing the same exercises over and over again? Well, so does your body. Try out a few new exercises, workout outdoors, or take that weird dance class at your gym that you’ve always been scared to try. Your body adapts to workout routines, so whatever you do just do something different and keep your body guessing!

3. Boost your Routine with Supplements: I worked hard to get in shape and I am not about to go back to my old body. I use Ab Cuts Sleek & Lean – a natural supplement containing CLA and Raspberry Ketones that helps reduce body fat and helps me maintain my beach body all year round.