Last month, Justin Timberlake did a few interviews in Brazil to promote his new film Runner Runner, which opened this weekend, and in addition to being interviewed by Fantástico TV Globo, the actor was also interviewed by comedienne Sabrina Sato -- and things went a little strangely.

Despite Sabrina asking half her questions in Portuguese, which Justin doesn't speak, she also had difficulty pronouncing his name and even asked him what he preferred to be called.

"Justin, you sing and dance like a black American," Sato says, "do you want to learn to Samba like a black Brazilian?"

She then offers to teach the "Sexyback" singer how to do the dance, proclaiming herself the "queen of Samba".

Things get even more awkward when she brings out a gift for Justin.

Playing on the singer's hit Saturday Night Live collaboration with Andy Samberg, "D**k in a Box", Sabrina presents her butt in a box: a mold of her own derriere, autographed to the singer.

We have a feeling it's still somewhere in Brazil.

Check out the awkwardness below...