Being a rock star and an acclaimed actor probably wouldn’t qualify anyone as a geek. Justin Timberlake still thinks he is one though. He proclaimed his geek status when he spoke to the press at San Diego Comic-Con, where he showed his upcoming sci-fi film In Time last week.

“We all got some geek in us,” Timberlake said. “I’m into video games. My favorite comic books when I was a kid were Archie comics. I think that’s probably apparent in my mission to make you laugh.”

Timberlake is also used to stadium sized crowds filled with throngs of fans. The 6,000+ in the convention’s Hall H still phased him though. “As long as I keep my limbs I’ll be happy. I think that any time you create something that’s a little bit left of center or a bird of a different feather, that’s what I love about Comic Con. It’s my first time here and I’m excited to be here because a movie like this is intense, it’s thrilling but it says a lot. You need an experience like this to sit down and talk about it. We’re really excited to be here. I love movies like this because I want to go to the theater and discover.”

At least he wasn’t playing Spider-Man, like his Social Network costar Andrew Garfield. “At least we don’t have the pressure of existing comic books that tell us what we have to do. I would feel probably way more nervous about that. I have some friends who are about to do that, I just worked with recently, and I’m every excited for them but I know that they’re probably very nervous too. In a way, that’s exciting for us that we are coming in with original material. We do have something that is a little bit different so I’m excited about it.”

In Time is in theater this October.