"Friends With Benefits" superstars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis discuss their racy new comedy, "gay cock hounds," and how they both want federal marriage equality in this latest interview with The Advocate.

On gay friends:

Your costar Woody Harrelson plays a character who is probably best described as a gay cock hound.

[Kunis and Timberlake laugh] Timberlake: Well said! That is the best description of his character I’ve heard. Woody is going to be so stoked when I tell him The Advocate called him a gay cock hound.

Do you know guys like him in real life?

Kunis: Yes. [Laughs]

Timberlake: Sure. I want to say that once we came up with the idea that Woody's character would be gay, it was really important to me that we use that as an opportunity to break anything that is a stereotype. Stereotypes are offensive to our culture. I'm a straight male who has male friends who are gay. We don't have any problem communicating. We don't any problem being two guy friends regardless of our differences in sexual orientation. It just so happens that Woody's character happens to be a cock hound, like you said. When you first meet him he makes those abrasive jokes, but it's just his specific character's sense of humor. It was perfect to have Woody in this role, because we wanted to take some chances and break some stereotypes.

On marriage equality:

Mila, you’ve been an outspoken proponent for equality and previously expressed to The Advocate how upset you were by the passing of California's Proposition 8. You must be excited about New York legalizing same-sex marriage.

Kunis: Listen, my roommate's gay. You're talking to somebody who grew up in Hollywood, so I don't know otherwise. So my stance on it is I think people are scared of what they don't know. A lot of times people don't understand something because they're not around it. The second that you show them, they become a little more accepting, and they're more open to evolving and moving forward. And I think it's great that there are people in this world who are willing to do something that should have been done, 40, 50, 60 years ago. I also think it's great that “don't ask, don't tell” is over with. I think that a lot of things are moving in the right direction. And truly believe that in my lifetime gay marriage will be legalized [everywhere in this country]. I do. Like, federally legal. I do believe in that. I don't think it's going to be tomorrow. It's unfortunate that it's not, but if things keep moving in the direction that they are now, in 10, 20 years, yeah, I do believe it will be federally legal.

Timberlake: I was stoked. I mean, I was stoked that that happened. I think it's just…we're people and we're different, all of us. And we should be using our differences to bring ourselves closer together. You know? Not be afraid of something that we don't know. Like Mila said, and you know, I have a lot of guy friends who are gay. Two of my best friends are a couple, and my conversation with them is, like, it's unfortunate that things take a while to progress like this, but it was a great, great victory for equality.

I'm proud that New York has balls to stand up for what’s right.

Timberlake cried watching an Ang Lee film:

Your film is rather graphic sexually, but the scenes are humorous, which must undercut the tension of being so exposed and vulnerable. Would either of you consider doing a more dramatic film with this much sexual content done?

Timberlake: That wouldn’t be part of my decision making process. If the story spoke to me and the characters were original and there’s a good director...I recently just rewatched Lust, Caution [Ang Lee’s 2007 erotic drama] and that was a fucking amazing movie. Have you seen that?

Kunis: No.

Timberlake: Oh, my God, you have to see that movie! It was a fucking amazing movie. It's every bit as amazing as Brokeback Mountain. I’m in awe of his movies. There's an incredible amount of graphic sexuality, but the characters are so rich and their relationship is so full of passion. And if it's done in such a way that you're invested in the characters, I think movies are about characters, and they're about people and the truth. I think it's obvious that I put my body on the line for comedy. I wouldn't mind doing it for drama, either if I felt it was true, if it was real. You know, because then it doesn't feel exploitive. But I watch it and I'm emotional. I cry. I mean, the reason I cry is because it's just a beautiful, beautiful movie. The sex scenes are pretty hot.

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