Justin Long is the deadpan Mac guy and star of comedies like Dodgeball, Waiting and He's Just Not That Into You. He got really serious for the horror thriller "After.Life," so you're about to see a darker side to him.

"That's more of a lead part but it's by far the most dramatic, intense movie I've ever been a part of and ever been asked to do," Long said. "I'm going through this nervous breakdown. I'm just unraveling throughout the movie."

The premise is either supernaturally conflicted or just plain sick and twisted. "My girlfriend dies in the beginning and she's being held captive. Liam [Neeson] plays this mortician and convinces her he's a medium for the afterlife when in fact he may just be pumping her full of these chemicals that make it appear as though she's dead. It's really dark and morbid. It's this weird love triangle. It's intense."

Still, Long couldn't help but joke about it. "It's for the kids and Disney is releasing that. Adam Shankman directed it."

"After.Life" opens October 9.

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Story/Interview by Fred Topel

Starpulse contributing writer

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