Justin Bieber is under fire after a video was leaked of the pop singer… taking a leak.

TMZ was able to obtain grainy footage from a cell phone, in which Bieber is standing in the corner of a restaurants kitchen urinating into the kitchen's mop bucket. His "friends" cheer him on, explaining that no one would remember him if he went to the bathroom like a normal person. "That's the coolest spot to piss. You know, you'll forever remember that," one of them says to the staff.

After the disgusting display, Bieber heads back into the restaurant, taking a detour to grab some glass cleaner and spray it on a nearby picture of Bill Clinton while screaming "F$%& Bill Clinton!" Someone in the video then says, "Who stole my beer?"

Rumors spread last month that Bieber was able to get into 21+ clubs thanks to his celebrity status, which might explain why he was acting like a drunk.

Just another reason why Justin made our writer's list of celebrities we love to hate