Justin Bieber has thanked the police in Dubai for choosing not to charge a member of his security team over an onstage altercation with a crazed fan.

On Sunday, the 19 year-old pop superstar was performing in the emirates city when an overzealous follower grabbed the teenager, who was in the middle of his hit single Believe and accidentally knocked over a piano.

Security guards for the Baby hit-maker dashed onstage and frog-marched the youngster away, nevertheless reports suggest police officers were later asked to investigate an allegation one of the bouncers had made an insulting remark about a local cop.

The man was reportedly let off after apologizing for his indiscretion, and Bieber was quick to thank officials for their lenient decision.

A Dubai police spokesman tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "The policeman accepted (the security guard's) apology and waived the complaint. Bieber also expressed his appreciation for the policeman's behavior, who acted in a civilized way even though the guard insulted the officer verbally."