Justin Bieber appeared on @KatieCouric to talk about his meteoric rise to stardom since posting a handful of YouTube videos and capturing the attention of music managers.

Justin says he recorded the video for his friends. However, after finding the file was too big to email it to them, he hosted it on YouTube and sent them the link. He realized that it was starting to get popular because it had more views than he had friends. One of his first offers came from Maury Povich, who was turned down by Justin's mom because his problem wasn't "finding out who the father was." Ouch!


So what's with Justin's "hair flip?" The star says he does it subconsciously all the time due to his long bangs so he can see, but he does it so often it has become a signature move for him.

Katie Couric hasn't had the time to watch all of American Idol this year, so Justin had to explain the Pants on the Ground phenomena to her.

All you hardcore fans can watch the entire 20 minute interview with Justin below!

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