Last night Justin Bieber proved he has recovered from his concussion by crooning to fans from a megaphone outside Paris.

On Thursday the pop star ran into a glass wall backstage at a concert and later blacked out in his dressing room for 15 minutes.

But on Friday at the headquarters of his record label he stood above the Latin Quarter and sang to his fans from the balcony. He belted out "Boyfriend," Baby" and "One Time" accompanied by by musical director and guitarist Dan Kanter.

This isn't the first time Bieber has given such a performance in France - in 2010 he sang "Baby" from the balcony of a Paris Hotel.

Following the performance Bieber posted the footage online and tweeted, "Loved singing with all of you WithDanKanter - just like old times."

Kanter also tweeted, "What an amazing singalong off the balcony in Paris again w/ (with) JB. We should do that every 2 years! Memories for life."