Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez continued getting closer in their relationship over the weekend as Justin took the sexy Wizards of Waverly Place star home to meet his family and the hot young couple were spotted in his family's living room where the shirtless "Baby" singer was photographed giving Selena a footrub.

The pair, dubbed 'Jelena' by fans, have been making waves recently after kissing on live TV during last week's Billboard Music Awards, which confirmed all the rumors that the two are dating. Shortly after the awards, they jetted off to Hawaii and were spotted kissing and getting close on the beach and in the water during a romantic getaway.

Fan-based Twitter account @AdorableJelena posted the photo of Justin & Selena with the message, "New jelena pic and is justin rubbing selena's feet? xD"

But Justin's fans aren't too thrilled about all the recent press the couple has been getting, as social networking sites Twitter and Facebook are rife with the Selena Gomez hate and even death threats.

According to RadarOnline.com, one Bieber fan tweeted, "Stay away from Justin paedophile...I'm gonna kill ya in the night underneath your smell[y] bed."

In related news, Selena has a new album coming out with her band, The Scene, called "When The Sun Goes Down." Last week she Tweeted a sneak peek of the cover:


"When The Sun Goes Down" hits stores on June 28th.


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