While waiting for his girlfriend Selena Gomez at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Canada, on Friday Justin Bieber asked his overzealous fans to back off.

In video posted on Hollywoodlife.com, the pop star is spotted telling dozens of fans to be patient as they requested autographs.

He says, "Do I not have any right as a human being to wait for my own girlfriend? Why do you have to be so impatient... I've been here waiting for my girlfriend.

"I'm still a human being, I have a right to wait for my own girlfriend... You're not being very respectful at all. I feel very disrespected with all you guys waiting. You say you're really my fans, but then why are you doing this?"

The singer has been giving free shows around the globe for a forthcoming TV special. On Monday her performed at the famous Apollo theater in New York before it was cut short due to a power outage.

Was he justified in chastizing his fans for to leave him alone? What do you think? Watch the video below: