The popular 'Side Buzz' seems to be all the rage with the celebrity elite these days. We have seen the 'short on top' side buzz, with celebs like Miley Cyrus, as well as the 'long on top' look that Skrillex and Rihanna have been wearing out.

It seems that Justin Bieber has favored the more 'Cyrusian' iteration of the side buzz, in these latest pictures of him posing with fans. The jury is still out on whether or not it actually looks good.

Some of his posse continued to be quite smitten, one Tweeting "OMB, @justinbieber NEW HAIRCUT, CAN'T BREATH, HE LOOKING SO SFGGADKLJFKLDSJFKL PERFECT. THE HAIRFLIP IS BACK! OMFB!" (We're guessing OMB stands for 'Oh my Bieber?')

However, others aren't too thrilled with how his new haircut looks. Last time he changed his hair it cost him, literally, thousands of Twitter followers. Things may not be different this time. Beliebers are in shock.

"JUSTIN BIEBER WHY WOULD YOU CUT YOUR HAIR LIKE THIS!? #ew #why," one Tweeted, while another said "What the hell has justin bieber done to his hair. Officially don't fancy him anymore' and, maybe the best one so far 'Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian with his new haircut."

Clearly, the Beliebers are devoted, loving crowd of people who accept change and know that beauty is more than skin deep. For all the love Justin shows to his fans, they seem to care an awful lot about how he looks and not, say, his actual talent.

The fear of change is understandable. This is a rather distant departure from his 50's inspired, heavily gelled, greased back updo. The first hair change was traumatic - about 80,000 on the "Twitter-Follower-Loss" scale. But we got through that. And just when his fans thought everything was okay, he goes and throws them this massive curve ball. My heart truly goes out to them. But I think, together, we can make it through this travesty.

I belieb in you, Justin.