A couple days ago, pictures of everyone's favorite teen celebrity, Justin Bieber, smoking the ganja surfaced, and took the internet community of Beliebers by storm. It garnered shock, surprise and also, optimistic amounts of nonchalance. But mostly, it had his zealous fans up in arms defending him. Comments on articles across the internet were met by dismay, stress, loss of faith (Bielief - yuk yuk) and outright anger. Many fans, specifically the younger ones, felt betrayed by their teenage heart throb - not wanting to believe that their idol would ever stoop so low.

Well Beliebers, I got some bad news. That ain't a cigarette. And that other kid isn't drinking ginger ale either.

But that's not the worst of it. While my opinion of J. Biebs might have actually gone up (congrats on joining the pedestrian human race Bieber) the all powerful (and malevolent) gods of the interwebs has twisted this story to fit their sick designs.

In the deepest depths of the internet hellhole we know as '4chan' some genius decided to start a Twitter Hoax Campaign called '#Cut4Bieber' which involved some fake, photoshopped or unrealistic pictures of cut up wrists, accompanied by a plea for Justin to drop his new smoking habit. Mind you, these are the same evil masterminds in charge of the '#Bald4Bieber.' Intended as yet another sick joke, the giant Bieber Fan Machine snatched it up and spit it out, and soon enough, it was top trending on Twitter.

And a sick joke it was, a joke which encouraged young and impressionable fans to do unthinkable, and dangerous bodily harm, and which, for better or for worse propagated itself, alongside genuine imagery of Bieber fans cutting  themselves. The response in forums across the internet and within Twitter itself was polarized; sympathetic and apathetic, helpful and condemning, empathy and mockery.

I say a lot of sarcastic things - but with one hundred percent sincerity, I, and all of us at Starpulse, hope that all Justin Bieber fans will cease and desist this senseless abuse, and work hard to raise awareness among others. Self abuse is not how to solve this problem - and it's not how you get someone, even a celebrity, to do what you want.

I find the whole thing to be distasteful. Not only the fact that someone would have the free time to actually think this hoax up (it's the internet - people have nothing better to do) but also that genuine fans would try and effectively blackmail their favorite celebrity with the threat of bodily harm. Ladies and gentlemen, Justin's a big boy now, and he can handle real life. A little word to the wise from Kahlil Gibran; if you love someone, let them go. If you don't like it, pick a new teen singer. Disney channel will pop a new one out in a year anyway.

You can find more pictures and video of Justin Bieber smoking it up with some amigos at TMZ.