New video footage from Justin Bieber's arrest in Miami, Fla., last month shows the singer had trouble walking in a straight line and doing push-ups.

Bieber was arrested on Jan. 23 after he was allegedly drag racing with singer Khalil Amir Shrieff. He pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

Footage shows the singer trying to walk heel to toe on a white line with his arms stretched out for balance, a law enforcement official told His blood alcohol concentration was recorded below the legal limit at .014.

At one point, Bieber did 23 push-ups prior to being released on bail.

His attorneys tried to prevent the release of the video footage because they didn't want the public to see the star "in various states of undress, which show personal parts." Bieber was also videotaped giving a urine sample. These sections of the video were edited out for the public, according to the New York Daily News.

"Justin is seen several times stumbling around while he was taking his tests. As if he had a problem with his balance ... [the video] also shows Justin taking his various tests and eventually taking a p**s," an insider, who saw the footage, explained.

"The stumbling and going to the bathroom is obviously reason enough for his attorneys to request it be sealed ... If I was trying to paint a picture that my client was innocent ... I wouldn't want a video of him stumbling around and looking out of it to go public either."

Bieber reportedly rejected a plea deal that required him to submit to random drug testing for up to nine months and complete 40 hours of community service. He is due back in court in Miami on Monday, March 3.