Can you believe we're in the home stretch of Season 5 of Justified? Neither can we, but this is indeed the eighth of thirteen episodes in the penultimate season. Maybe it's also a placeholder for the final four, too, because it's lacking something outside of a strong performance by Alicia Witt.

After a whole bunch of people got shot up last week, Boyd and the Crowes are not popular with their international business partners; they get to live, but the partnership is on very unsteady ground. Our ragtag band of criminals finds themselves having to get dead bodies back across the border, along with the drugs they came down for in the first place. And this is still not the worst trip to Mexico that's ever happened.

Meanwhile, Wendy (Alicia Witt) isn't thrilled to find out that after a call from Kendal, his uncle Jack (Kyle Bornheimer) has come to town. We find out that Jack is not popular with Danny (A.J. Buckley) for a reason that seems to involve a certain male part of his anatomy. And when Wendy goes to the bathroom, Jack takes off with Kendal. While she's dealing with this situation, Wendy walks into Audrey's only to be quizzed by a mysterious bearded stranger who introduces himself as Michael. Michael just so happens to be looking for Jack, and we don't think it's so they can go out for coffee.

Wendy's response to all this is to take her shotgun, go outside, shoot the tires out on Michael's car, and then get the hell out of there. We know Wendy's an antagonist, but we've got to admit, sometimes we feel for her. And you thought your family was messed up.

Raylan and Alison's relationship is apparently going so well that he's inviting her to come with him to Florida while he visits his daughter and Winona. She agrees to go along, but then Raylan gets a phone call from Wendy, asking for his help to recover Kendal before the creepy dude finds Kyle and hurts them both. As a sign of good faith, she not only gives up the location of her brothers but offers to get Alison reinstated. Raylan is not interested, even as we see Jack get an ominous phone call and then tell Kendal he might want to go home.

Back in prison, Ava allows Penny (Danielle Panabaker) to purposely dislocate her shoulder, and we all cringe. She's taken to the infirmary, but her plan backfires when the attending nurse merely pops the shoulder back into place and sends her off to get some aspirin.

Meanwhile, our hero has apparently come around to the child-rescuing, as we see him and Wendy arguing with each other outside the car that Kyle left behind. It's entirely possible that Raylan woke up on the wrong side of the bed this week. We then discover that Kendal is Kyle and Wendy's son, just before Michael shows up and Jack runs away from him, leaving Kendal with the creepy dude. And the Father of the Year award will not go to...