By the title of this episode of Justified, you should be able to guess that there's more shooting than usual. Yet as is also usual, this show is a lot more than just its body count.

While Raylan is trying to figure out where Winona ran off to after she left him last week, lots of people are being shot (which is kind of typical for Kentucky). He's advised not to keep going after her, but we all know Raylan is too stubborn to listen. Instead, he goes looking for the money from the bank robbery she swiped last season, and when he finds it missing, he knows what's up. He asks Art for time off, but instead finds out about a shooting that took place at his Aunt Helen's property, now his father's Oxycontin clinic. There is never a slow day in Harlan County.

Driving down to investigate, Raylan isn't happy that his father told the state troopers (there's Tom Bergen again!) to direct all their questions to "his son, the U.S. Marshal." He does not have time or energy to deal with his father's issues, and yet here again he has no choice. The look on his face as he leaves the house...oh, I would not want to be on the other side of that. He hunts down his father and takes him to task ("You want to die in prison, Arlo? Just say the word and I'll help make it happen"), but gets another slap in the face when Arlo mentions Boyd's name.

Meanwhile, Boyd and Ava are dealing with the shooting, and pay a visit to Ellstin Limehouse. "How come you know so much about me when I know so little about you?" Boyd asks him. Limehouse demonstrates that he knows a lot about everyone, and that Boyd is not exactly low-profile either. Boyd wants Limehouse to confirm that Quarles and his people are behind the incident before he retaliates, and is not entirely sure Limehouse wasn't involved besides. Simultaneously, Quarles is pushing Wynn Duffy to find Raylan's weak spots in case he needs to know them. Oh, and he's still got some poor guy bound and gagged in the bedroom. I was kind of hoping we were past that creepy happening.

As Ava tells Boyd that there's a witness to the shooting, a stone-faced Raylan shows up to confront Boyd at his bar. He is not happy about having his family name attached to any of Boyd's doings and tells him that their next such conversation will not end with him finding Jesus in a hospital bed. This not-so-friendly chat sends Raylan to Ava, so that they can both talk to said witness, a prostitute we met last season. Just as she's about to spill, her pimp/boss crashes the party, so Raylan not-so-subtly threatens him with a flash of his badge and gun. On their way out, he punches the guy in the face for good measure.

All this activity has sent Quarles' people into a panic and they're trying to scatter when he rolls up on their trailer. His attempt to question the punk that the witness identified turns very quickly into an all-out brawl while the trailer is being towed. It's one of Justified's more unique fight scenes, which ends with Raylan's suspect running off and the guy driving the tow vehicle dead as an accidentally discharged bullet clipped him in the neck. Never let it be said actions on this show do not have consequences.