Justified started out as more of a family drama than a law enforcement one, and that continues in Season 5 and especially in "Weight," which continues to tell the story of the Florida Crowes as their family continues their tailspin.

While Dewey Crowe seems awfully sane for a guy who hit a DEA agent last week, his family members are making up the crazy, as they're dealing with plenty of problems - including Dewey on the run, Kendal being missing (again) and Raylan investigating the accident that put Agent Miller in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Boyd once again thinks he's one step from freeing Ava, but Ava is no longer convinced she's going to get out of prison. "There's things I've gotta do in here, in order to survive, and the less you got to do with them, the better," she tells him, which shocks and hurts her fiance. Although she insists that she loves him and always will, she walks away from him. And we all get a little teary-eyed.

Boyd's day gets worse when Dewey phones, insisting he's got half of Boyd's stuff and he's not giving it back unless he gets a quarter million dollars by the end of the day. That's like telling the killer in a murder movie that you know who they are and you might go to the cops. Just because Dewey found his guts doesn't mean he discovered any more brains. Boyd tells Daryl that Dewey is his problem.

Into all this walks Raylan, also looking for Dewey. He whacks Daryl in the face with Daryl's own briefcase, which contains a combination of real and fake money intended for the exchange. Some of that money then finds its way into the hands of two of the girls at the whorehouse, one of whom gives the Marshal her cell phone so he can reach Dewey. Raylan reminds our favorite screwup that he has a terrible reputation with Boyd and the Dixie Mafia and could use a friend, but even he can't convince Dewey to come in from the metaphorical cold.

Raylan's now ex-girlfriend Alison finds Kendal in her kitchen and calls Wendy to take him home, while Ava sees her opportunity to commit the murder she was ordered to execute last time. But before she can kill Judith, Penny (Danielle Panabaker) announces a bed check, and the window of opportunity slips away.

Old acquaintances resurface: Dewey pauses his road trip to see a now wheelchair-bound Dickie Bennett (a returning Jeremy Davies) in prison, while Wynn calls up a friend named Katherine to help him decide which side of the line he should play - staying with Boyd, or working with Picker. The former leads to Dickie phoning Raylan to offer up Dewey's location - because we all know that when you are on the run from the police, the first people to sell you out are your friends and/or your significant other. It's one of the ironies of life. But Raylan deduces what he needs to know without having to cut a deal, and leaves smirking.