After the fallout from the snake attack, Johnny Crowder (guest star David Meunier) has another chat with Wynn Duffy (guest star Jere Burns), offering to serve Boyd up to Duffy. "What if I were to help you kill him?" he asks, which is probably a very ill-advised question to pose. After all, as Duffy points out, people who have betrayed Boyd in the past have not lived very long afterward.

Raylan and Tim meet Drew Thompson's former wife, who claims to be a psychic but can't correctly predict the reason they're at her house. They explain that they have reason to believe Drew is alive and that if he is, there are some unpleasant people that will be looking for him. "He does something stupid every day," Tim quips when the psychic deters the conversation by talking about what Raylan is going to do later.

That doesn't stop our favorite sharpshooter from noticing a suspicious car outside the house. He and Raylan go outside to confront their visitor, who claims to be an FBI agent. While they're doing that, the psychic slips out her bathroom window and tries to run away, only to be kidnapped by a waiting thug. That'll teach her ever to do that again. "Way to go, assholes," quips Art when he finds out.

FBI Guy wants to take over the case, to which Raylan is resistant. Turns out, he has a reason not to trust the newcomer. Once FBI Guy is in the elevator, he calls the henchguy who abducted the psychic. Henchguy takes her to yet another generic hotel room somewhere and asks her where Drew Thompson is. He doesn't believe her when she says she just found out that her former husband was still alive. Threats ensue.

Johnny returns to the bar to find Boyd, Ava and Cole waiting for him, wanting to know where he's been. From that, the episode cuts abruptly to Raylan waiting for Randall so that they can have their planned throwdown, but Randall isn't anywhere to be found. When Raylan steps outside the gym, he finds the FBI Guy, and plays connect the dots, figuring out that FBI Guy is cooperating with the enemy. He tells FBI Guy that the only way to help himself now is to give up the whereabouts of his partners, After a tense few moments, FBI Guy gives up the location of the psychic, and then shoots himself in the head right in front of an uncomfortable Raylan.

At absolutely the last possible second, Raylan, Tim and a bunch of their friends burst into the hotel room and rescue the psychic. The most surprising thing about this is that it's Tim who gets to threaten the henchguy instead of Raylan. After the bad guy's hauled off, Art tells the psychic that the guy holding her worked for a familiar face: Theo Tonin (Adam Arkin). He wants to know how Theo knows who she is. She tells him, Raylan and Tim a story about catching Drew burning all their photos and him telling her that the next day, he would be assumed dead. What did Drew see? According to the psychic, it was Theo murdering a government informant. With that, she's on her way into protective custody, and Raylan has something new to chew on.

Boyd has another public confrontation with Pastor Billy and his sister, daring him to play with another snake that Boyd's brought to the party. Just as Billy is about to take the dare, his sister tells him not to, which reveals her involvement in the snake attack the night before. This upsets Billy enough for him to try to take on the snake a second time, and Boyd watches impassively as the snake bites Billy in the wrist. He collapses as Boyd walks away.

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