Picking up almost right from where last week's episode left off, this week's Justified starts on an eerily calm note. Pastor Billy's sister has a late-night conversation with Boyd Crowder, who suggests that she might be "the brains" of Last Chance Holiness Church. He says he'd like to see her brother "shift focus away from me and mine," which she's willing to do for a price. "You want us gone, you're going to have to build us a place to go," she tells Boyd, adding that "We're not afraid of you."

After that, Colt (guest star Ron Eldard) returns to the church with another of Boyd's henchmen, and they're immediately set upon by some snakes. No, there's definitely not going to be a peaceful resolution to this situation.

Meanwhile, things are not going swimmingly for Raylan and Lindsey (guest star Jenn Lyon) now that he knows she's got a husband. She claims he's her ex-husband, but that doesn't make Raylan feel any better. Nor does her revealing that she was an accomplice in some of her former spouse's criminal behavior. He still doesn't resist her advances, however. For a smart guy, Raylan's pretty dense when it comes to his personal life.

Case in point: he decides to pay a visit to Lindsey's ex Randall (guest star Robert Baker), who's working out at the local gym. Raylan questions him about his past and then makes a point of mentioning that he slept with Lindsey the night before. He tells the ex that he's going to give him until that evening to get on the road or he's going to send him back where he belongs, possibly dead. The ex is not intimidated.

To add to Raylan's headache, he arrives at work and walks right into a chat between Art and Rachel, with Art taking Rachel to task for not calling for backup. Rachel points out that Raylan does the same thing all the time, to which Art responds that our hero is "a lost cause." Once Rachel leaves, Art hands Raylan a file on Drew Thompson's widow, whom he has tracked down. He adds that at the time of his not-death, Drew was wanted on a sealed federal witness warrant. So what did Drew witness?