After his latest fling Lindsey ransacked his apartment and took off with her husband Randall, Raylan Givens is not in a good mood and understandably so. This week's Justified picks up right where last week's left off, with Rachel telling Raylan he "should've seen this coming," and Raylan predictably refusing to call in the crime. Rachel points out how little he knows about Lindsey, and asks what he plans to do when he finds her and Randall. Raylan doesn't answer her.

The guilty couple are visiting Randall's backyard fight promoter (guest star Josh Close), who's throwing an awkward party, to discuss "that thing we talked about." The promoter takes Raylan's money from Lindsey (guest star Jenn Lyon) and asks who they stole it from. Randall (guest star Robert Baker) is twitchy and decides to cause a scene instead of answering the question, much to Lindsey's amusement. He's overeager to get things moving, but they'll have to wait until the morning for arrangements to fall into place.

Meanwhile at the bar, Johnny (guest star David Meunier) and Boyd are surprised to see Ella Mae turn up, and not in a good way. She tells Boyd that she has nowhere else to go after the snake-related death of Pastor Billy, for which Boyd has no remorse. Ava is worried about what Ella Mae might have said while she was gone, and dispatches Cole (guest star Ron Eldard) to find out.

Raylan and Rachel show up in the aftermath of the questionable party, to ask if anyone has seen Randall and Lindsey. Rachel chats with one of the partygoers, Gina (guest star Navi Rawat), who takes them back to speak to the promoter at an incredibly awkward moment. Raylan tells him about the scheme Lindsey's running, and in return, the guy tells him about Randall's desire to get into "fighter management" - except he's not talking about people, he's talking about poultry. Hence the title of the episode.