Justified is quickly coming to an end; there's one more episode left in Season 5 after tonight, and then just one more season for one of the best TV series in recent memory. Knowing that, and with what happened last week still on our minds, we're looking for the saga of the Florida Crowes to wrap up in a big way starting now. And we are not disappointed by this next-to-last episode.

Wynn Duffy is telling his colleagues that both Picker and Boyd are dead, but we know this is a lie, and the drug cartel guy he's trying to convince doesn't believe it either. Duffy is willing to say anything to save his own behind and keep himself in the game. Cartel Guy responds by telling him that he wants Daryl Crowe located, and located quickly. Cut to Daryl, who is himself looking for the recently blown-up Picker, and the location of the rest of the drug stash. As he gets violent with the henchman who's supposed to be disposing of the body, Duffy meets with Boyd to discuss their predicament, informs him that he's believed dead, and that they need to find Daryl. See how he played that? 

Yet as we're laughing, Raylan, Tim and Rachel all walk into Duffy's RV, like the start of a bad joke. They are also looking for Daryl, and they're willing to squeeze everyone else to make them cooperate. Boyd wonders why he'd help the Marshals after recently being arrested by them, leading to another witty comeback from Raylan, just before the RV gets towed. But Raylan isn't all wit: he's also paying an early-morning visit to Boyd's ex-fiancee Ava, to see what she can do to help the cause. "You want me to pressure Boyd to help you get your man?" she theorizes, completely disinterested. She reveals that she and Boyd ended their engagement, and tells Raylan that even if she could help him, she wouldn't. You can't really blame her for that, all things considered.

Boyd and Duffy come to the aid of their battered henchman; Boyd suggests they direct all the interested parties toward the drugs, and see who comes out on top in the battle for Daryl. To that end, he walks directly into the Marshals Office, and offers himself up. Tim is confounded. Raylan suggests Boyd might be persuaded if they release Ava. "I just want to be left alone," Boyd pleads to Raylan, who doesn't believe him for a second. Yet a deal is apparently struck, because the next scene is everybody getting sort of debriefed by our resident philosophical bad guy - who does not look thrilled when Rachel tells him he's coming along for the ride.

Having gleaned the location of the drugs from one of Boyd's henchmen, Daryl checks up on a still recovering Wendy (Alicia Witt), who wonders aloud why she ever came back to Harlan County. She's battered and self-medicating with pills and alcohol, and Daryl takes advantage of that, pressuring her to go get the drugs for him - setting her up for a huge fall. And speaking of falls, Ava may also be taking one, as there's still a target on her back, courtesy of the inmate that Boyd had hoped would protect her in the first place.

Wendy shows up to run her errand, and we discover that Boyd and the Marshals are watching her every move from a nearby surveillance van. Raylan arrests her as she leaves, and a horrified Wendy realizes what she was actually there to get. With her in handcuffs, Plan B is for Boyd to wear a wire, but before he can even finish arguing over that with Raylan, he spots Cartel Guy driving by in a black SUV. Because bad guys will never, ever be seen driving anything else. No one would take you seriously if you tried to roll by in a Kia Soul.