It's that time again: the time in which Justified wraps up another violent, complex and witty season. This time around, it's tempered slightly by the knowledge that next season will be the show's last, and some of the pieces for the ultimate end are already in play. With that in the back of our minds, let's say goodbye to Season 5 and look forward to what this tells us about Season 6.

Daryl Crowe is already mouthing off within the first thirty seconds (and unwisely getting into a staredown with Tim Gutterson; we would not want to cross Jacob Pitts). No one at the Marshals Office is amused by this. They also inform him that they're keeping his sister Wendy in custody. Daryl leaves swearing he'll have a final showdown with Raylan, which we know he will in one way or another. An unruffled Raylan tells Wendy he's going to prove her wrong about both her brother and her son.

Some time later, Daryl crosses paths with Tim in a parking lot. Tim drops another awesome one-liner about being "comfortably erect watching your b--ch ass squirm" on Daryl before they part company. Did we mention we love Tim yet? Because we do. There needs to be a lot more of Tim in the next season.

But things aren't all witty comebacks in Kentucky. Boyd returns to his bar and finds Jimmy tied to a chair in the back room and several of his former business partners lying in wait. They've figured out Duffy was lying when he claimed that Boyd was dead. Apparently Jimmy tried to escape to warn Boyd, and that's what gets the poor bastard shot in the gut right in front of Boyd. And that's how we go into the main titles. Seven minutes into this finale and we're already gut-punched.

With Jimmy now deceased, the cartel folks tell Boyd that they want both him and Daryl, and expect Boyd to deliver Daryl in short order.

Raylan is having another conversation with Kendal, informing him that he'll be tried as an adult for the murder that his uncle decided to pin on him. Naturally, the kid is not enthused about the prospect of four decades behind bars. The two have a mostly one-sided discussion about their dysfunctional relatives as well as killing things and people, before Raylan leaves Kendal to squirm and reconsider his loyalties.

Having watched the whole conversation, Wendy admits that Kendal is innocent but refuses to wear a wire to incriminate her brother. She's terrified, considering the beating she's already previously taken at Daryl's hands. Raylan is unsympathetic. After Tim's SUV gets T-boned while he's trailing Daryl (thankfully, our favorite sniper is fine), Wendy calls her brother talking about their "payday" and how she intends to stop by Audrey's for a drink. Erm...