After its Olympic hiatus, Justified is back, and it was definitely worth waiting two weeks for. While the show continues to find ways to push Alison into the plot, everyone else has plenty to deal with, whether it's Raylan being taunted by an unlikely foe or Boyd and Johnny finally having it out with each other.

Daryl and Danny Crowe are arming up for their new "business trip," which is going to send them, Dewey (Damon Herriman) and Boyd to Mexico in search of Johnny (David Meunier). Meanwhile, Ava is still sporting several reminders of being jumped in the prison yard, and Penny (Danielle Panabaker) thinks she can keep Ava out of further trouble. Of course, that's not entirely true, or Ava wouldn't have anything interesting to do this week.

Raylan's chilling in the office when a dude named Larry storms in looking for a sizeable sum of money that was seized in the shutdown of a website owned by Monroe (Xander Berkeley). Raylan quickly deduces that the site wasn't really seized by the Marshals because the notice there spells "Marshal" with two L's. He brings this amusing quirk to the attention of colleagues Rachel and Tim, who get some awesome screen time together, with Tim being Exposition Guy this week. He has the great line "rides off into the nerd sunset." Let's put that on a T-shirt.

They send our hero off after a guy named T.C., who they figure is the responsible party and is currently playing some knock-off of Mortal Kombat. He's visited by Larry and another dude named Kemp (that's Gary Basaraba, from Graham Yost's Boomtown, who looks really odd with a fake neck tattoo), demanding Larry's money.  T.C.'s girlfriend squeals when a gun gets put to her arm, and when Kemp finds out that the money at stake amounts to a sizeable quarter million dollars, he shoots Larry. Stuff just got hairy in here.

While Ava looks for protection with Penny's religious friends and finds out they're bringing drugs into the prison, she finds herself faced with the choice of joining their operation. Her man is on the trail of Johnny, who's in Mexico on the phone with Wood Harris, just before a Not At All Mysterious Black SUV rolls up. It's Boyd's Mexican contact, and Johnny wants a meeting with the boss man. This requires getting into the SUV by himself, which is totally safe.

Elsewhere, Alison (Amy Smart) has another run-in with Wendy (Alicia Witt), who continues to make reference to Alison's relationship with Raylan. There's some needless girl snark before Wendy reveals that she's just spoken with Alison's boss, in a skirt that the camera makes sure we take notice of. Imply what you will.

When Boyd arrives to meet his Mexican associates, he finds Johnny already there. This is not a happy family reunion. The boss man walks into the room and the back and forth begins immediately, ending with Johnny saying he's buying Boyd's life. That hangs in the air for a moment as the boss man tells them that he'll take the deal from whoever has the good money.

Speaking of money, T.C. watches as Kemp abducts his girlfriend to use as a hostage, walking right by Raylan on his way out. Raylan's suspicion that something's not right is confirmed when T.C. decides to make a run for it (and flips him off in the process). However, this means Raylan can poke around his apartment, and he finds Larry's corpse in the bathtub.