Colt visits Sheriff Shelby (Jim Beaver) in his hunt for Ella Mae. He's sure that she was picked up by a sheriff's deputy, but Shelby doesn't have any evidence of that. Colt goes back to Boyd and lies, saying that he did kill Ella Mae as planned, but Boyd knows he's not being truthful. He gets half a reprieve, though, as Wynn Duffy arrives at the bar for another chat, much to Johnny's (David Meunier) dislike.

After rebuffing Boyd's offers of partnership previously, Duffy is suddenly much more amenable, and Boyd wants to know why. "I need you to help me find someone," Duffy tells him. Never mind the gun sitting alone on the table between them which just so happens to be pointed his way.

Raylan arrives in Harlan County and meets Constable Bob (Patton Oswalt), who has the girl who stole Raylan's car in the season premiere sitting in the back seat of his cruiser. Why is she there? Raylan still wants to know who told her that the diplomatic bag was hiding in the wall of the Givens home. "Josiah sent us," she finally admits, referring to her stepfather, Josiah Cairn. The name rings a bell with Raylan, and not in a good way.

Josiah (Gerald McRaney) is a less than reputable guy who tells Raylan he's retired from his life of crime, despite the fact that he's wearing an ankle bracelet. "How about you and me go for a drive?" says Raylan, who handcuffs the old man to the passenger door of his Lincoln, and drags him along until Josiah decides to cooperate. He finally tells Raylan that Drew Thompson is "with the hill people." Well, that's a unique way to get information.

Satisfied, Raylan lets Josiah's stepdaughter go - she leaves with her middle finger in the air - and stops to snag a Polaroid from one of his old family albums before hitting the road. Bob doesn't think he'll come back.

At least our hero has help, in the form of Tim Gutterson. "If I ain't back by nightfall, call in some of those Ranger friends of yours," Raylan tells his colleague, before heading off on foot to parts unknown.

Johnny comes looking for Ava, who's packing up Ella Mae's personal effects from her trailer. Johnny asks if Boyd told her anything about his working for Duffy. "Now he's got Boyd running around and doing his errands," Johnny says skeptically. Ava's faith in Boyd, however, is unwavering.

Raylan wanders through the woods, and stops when he realizes that he has several guys pointing guns at him from behind trees. They throw a bag over his head and haul him into a shed where he finds...Boyd. Yep, they're stuck with each other.

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