Now that we're digging deeper into the Justified season, things are getting especially dicey - not that they're ever that calm in Harlan County.

Picking up where the last installment left off, Colt (guest star Ron Eldard) is still trying to locate Ella Mae, who took off running while he was preparing to kill her. He uses his old military police ID to get the gas-station attendant to let him watch the security camera tapes, and doesn't like what he sees.

Meanwhile, Raylan meets ex-wife and current baby mama Winona (Natalie Zea) for her next doctor's appointment. He semi-brags about being in charge of what could be "the biggest case in our office's history," and says that he'll be there for her and their baby girl, but she's skeptical. Her skepticism is reinforced when Raylan calls the Marshals Office and Rachel tells him to "Just get here, now." That would be because his father Arlo (Raymond J. Barry) is being hauled in. So are boxes upon boxes of files.

AUSA Vasquez (Rick Gomez) and Art are having a snippy chat with FBI Agent Jerry Barkley (Stephen Tobolowsky), who is not thrilled with them taking charge of his "major criminal investigation." When Raylan shows up, he blames our hero, who tells him to "Kiss my ass."

Art tells Raylan that Vasquez wants to strike a deal with Arlo: the elder Givens hands over the enigmatic Drew Thompson, who could in turn bring down crime boss Theo Tonin, and in return, Arlo walks free. Raylan admits that the play "makes sense," but wants to know how much time he has to find Drew Thompson. Vasquez clocks it at about 24 hours, and Raylan heads back to "where it started": Harlan County.

Wynn Duffy (Jere Burns) has a chat with Barkley and a guy named Nick Augustine. Apparently the latter two grew up together, and Augustine works for Tonin. "Bottom line, I don't think any of this is going to pan out," Barkley tells the other two, referring to their Drew Thompson problem. Augustine is unconvinced; he says that Tonin wants Thompson alive, and then he kills Barkley while Duffy is sitting right beside him. "Mr. Tonin would like you to find Drew Thompson," he tells Duffy and it's not a request.