Ava Crowder comes back into the picture interrogating Ella Mae, the prostitute who shot one of her clients when he scared her in a very realistic bear costume. She wants to know why Ella Mae has a gun on the job. Ella Mae confides that she's often scared and Ava suggests coming off meth and cocaine might help with that. "You know there's going to be consequences," she tells the other woman, before taking notice of a fake bill printed by Last Chance Holiness Church that Ella Mae's client left in the trailer.

Raylan visits the hardware store to pick up supplies to fix the busted door at the house, only to turn around and spot the girl who broke into the house. He doesn't know her, but she knows him, and tries flashing her breasts at him before taking off - with Raylan's car.

Ava, Boyd and Johnny (guest star David Meunier) talk about the decline in their business and if it does indeed have any connection to the new church. After a cranky Johnny leaves, Ava and Boyd discuss what to do about Ella Mae. When she leaves to get him a soda, Ava is unnerved by the presence of a stranger (guest star Ron Eldard) asking for Boyd. She and Johnny play dumb, but bartender Jimmy is too easy to read, and the stranger goes off in search of Boyd. Fearing for Boyd's safety, Ava and Johnny follow the stranger only to find Boyd welcoming him with open arms - the man is Colt, an ex-military policeman that Boyd has a history with.

Meanwhile, Raylan explains to Bob about his encounter with the young woman, but Bob doesn't seem bothered. He suggests they try the scrap yard and Raylan, remembering not just what but who he left in the car, cringes at the thought of his Lincoln being crushed. Thankfully, he and Bob arrive and find the vehicle before any damage can be done. The scrap yard operator claims not to know anything about the contents of Raylan's car or the two kids that stole it. Raylan decks him while the convict and the two teenagers look on from where they're holed up in the scrap yard's storage shed, trying to come up with an escape plan.

While they're chatting amongst themselves, an unruffled Raylan strolls in. He almost has the situation defused before Bob comes in behind him, being held at gunpoint by the irritated scrap yard operator. A quick brawl ensues, but once it's all said and done Raylan turns on the two kids, saying that they ought to tell the truth: they weren't at his father's house for the copper wire, but for the bag hidden in the wall. He wants to know why it's so important. They don't answer right away.

Later on, Raylan asks Bob to keep an eye on some personal effects while he takes the con back into custody. He confides that he's turned to bounty hunting in order to make some extra money for the child he has on the way, and Bob agrees to keep his secret.

Boyd and Colt spend some time catching up before Boyd confides in Colt about his problems. He brings Colt along with him for his follow-up conversation with Hiram - and things don't go well. When Boyd forgives Hiram and asks Colt to "take care of him," Colt mistakes that as being told to kill him, and shoots him in the head.

Raylan visits Arlo (guest star Raymond J. Barry) in prison and asks him about the recovered bag and the driver's license therein. Arlo claims not to know what he's talking about, and tells Raylan to put the bag back in the wall and forget about it. When Raylan points out that he never said that the bag was in the wall, Arlo abruptly ends their conversation. A nonplussed Raylan returns home and back into the arms of Lindsey (guest star Jenn Lyon), the bartender he hooked up with last season.

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