Season four of Justified is at an end, and that means it's time to see if the hammer is going to fall on any or all of the usual suspects. If this series is known for one thing, it's that it likes to end its years with a bang...sometimes more than one. What happens in this last piece of season four, though, comes with more questions than answers.

At the Marshals Office, a satisfied Raylan declares that "All is right with the world," which Art doesn't quite believe. He says he got a call from Winona about having two rocking chairs, since there's the suspicious one that showed up last week. Raylan arrives and doesn't seem bothered by the fact that Winona's front door is cracked open. When our hero walks in, he finds two armed thugs pointing weapons at him.

He's not the only one having a bad day: Boyd, Ava and Jimmy intend to move the body that Ava and Ellen May dumped down the mine shaft. Unfortunately, when they get there, the county sheriffs are already on the scene.

Back at Casa Winona, Raylan and Winona are being held hostage by several bad guys in their baby's nursery. One of them tells Raylan that they need him to do something for them: take them to where he's keeping Drew Thompson. Raylan retorts that he can't help them, before he manages to get his hands on a gun and drop two of the bad guys. The other one gets about a dozen slugs in him courtesy of both Raylan and a terrified Winona. They're going to need a new nursery.

Art and AUSA David Vasquez (guest star Rick Gomez) arrive soon afterward, and explain to Raylan that the only person who can get them off Nick Augustine's hit list is Sammy Tonin, the Detroit Mafia twerp from last season that Raylan can't stand. Art warns Raylan that if he goes after Augustine himself, "don't bother coming back," but we all know that Raylan isn't going to listen. Instead, he goes to talk to Winona, telling her, "I'm going to find the guy responsible for this, and I'm gonna take care of it." Because that's what Raylan does.

While Boyd and Ava contemplate if they'll have to go on the run, they have a meeting with the local undertaker, wanting to know if police have yet identified the body from the mine shaft. Boyd wants to make sure it's identified as someone else, and calls in a debt the undertaker owes him to make it happen. That's how Boyd and Jimmy end up in a cemetary in the middle of the night, digging up a grave. At least Boyd is willing to do his own dirty work. The two of them remove the body of Henry Willis and bring it back in plastic wrap, depositing it on the table in the bar's back room, much to Ava's horror.

Not a few minutes later, Raylan comes to the bar calling for Boyd, wanting to know how Augustine found Winona and insisting that both Boyd and Ava are going to come with him when he goes after the mafia shot-caller. He implies that he's spoken to Ellen May, which raises Boyd's eyebrows. "You ain't got nothin' on Ava," Boyd retorts, to which Raylan replies, "Are you sure?" The two men have a stare-down, after which Boyd agrees to take Raylan to Augustine. For his part, Augustine appears completely unruffled by this unscheduled visit.