Last night's episode of "Prison Break" was probably the most reminiscent of season 2's unpredictability and general awesomeness that we have seen all year. Folks, that says a lot. Self's betrayal has shaken things up in a major way, altering the relationships of most of the characters and institutions that we have come to know and love (or hate). Throw in a few double-crosses and a few more deaths, and we've got one heck of an episode.

Michael Rapaport, how could you?

The gang still can't believe that they were set up by agent Don Self (Michael Rapaport). While the rest of the group tries to logically think out the scenario, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) contributes in the only way that he knows how - by brutally attacking their strategy board, doing little damage. At about the same time, Self calls Herb, his superior at homeland security, and pretends that he has been betrayed by Michael (Wentworth Miller) and the rest of the group. He then fakes his own death (via the phone), and Herb decides to go to the warehouse to try and clean up the mess.

Herb is joined by the Senator who authorized the operation, and a U.S. Marshall who conveniently turns up to investigate the whereabouts of Michael and Lincoln (since they're uh, still supposed to be in prison). The Marshall's appearance is just a little too convenient, even for "Prison Break" standards, and we'll find out why a little later.

The gang disagrees about how to handle the situation. Mahone (William Fichtner) and Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) want to run, Michael wants to outsmart everyone, Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) wants Michael to pretend that they are not being hunted down and go to the doctor and Lincoln wants to fight (big surprise). All of the planning soon becomes pointless because they are set up and Lincoln ends up getting captured by Herb.

At first Herb grills Lincoln, telling him that all of them are going to go to death row. Then, after an impassioned plea from Linc the Sink, Herb reveals that they know Self turned rogue because he apparently left behind a file that included everything accept a note that says "I did it." It seems a little farfetched, especially since Self has been meticulously planning every detail of this operation, but it works for plot purposes so we'll go with it. Herb and the Senator tell Lincoln that if he can round everyone else up to provide testimony against Self, they can all go free. Will he keep his word? Let's check on some of the other characters first.

T-Bag lands on his feet, again

The last time we saw the seemingly indestructible T-Bag (Robert Knepper), he was sitting handcuffed in a car, watching Self coldly murder a fellow agent. Next thing we know, The Bagster is sitting in the front seat of Self's car, sans handcuffs, talking way too much and irritating the corrupt federal agent. Seems that Self needs T-Bag in order to get to Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), whom he wants to blackmail into finding a new Scylla buyer. T-Bag, still upset about being double-crossed by Gretch in the previous episode, is happy to oblige.

The way they get Gretchen to play nicely is really quite simple. They go to her sister's house and hold her sister and daughter at gunpoint. For perhaps the first time, we see a look of concern on Gretchen's face (when she finds out what is going on), although it is a little hard to tell behind all of that makeup (yes, the lipstick is back in full force). Gretchen agrees to set up another Scylla deal for Self.

The General regroups

What about The General (Leon Russom)? Will he go quietly into the night? No! This is, after all, The General we are talking about. Although he seems to have developed a slight drinking problem since losing Scylla, he quickly regains his composure and has a meeting with his brain trust. There is doubt about The Big G's leadership, especially by one of the cardholders (who apparently is one of The G-Man's oldest friends). How does The General handle this criticism? Not well. He shoots and kills the criticizer in the middle of the crowded conference room, and this seems to quell any doubts about who is in charge. He then gets to work on reorganizing The Company and getting back Scylla.

What about the deal?

Back to Herb's deal. Michael, understandably wary about trusting the government, tells Mahone, Sara and Sucre to run while he goes back to meet with Herb and give his testimony. It quickly becomes apparent that this was a prudent decision, because there was never any deal, Herb and The Senator simply wanted to get the whole gang in one place so that they could kill them all, pretend Scylla never existed, and to quote "Total Recall's" Cohaagen, "Be home in time for cornflakes."

Just as Herb is about to shoot Michael, he is killed by the U.S. Marshall (remember him?) who reveals that he works for The Company, and that Michael and Lincoln are going to see The General. The Marshall's moment of triumph is short-lived, however, as Sucre returns to help out and sneaks up on him from behind. The Marshall surrenders his gun, which Lincoln takes and promptly uses to shoot him. Lincoln also wants to shoot The Senator too, but Michael restrains him. The Senator says that everyone who knows about Scylla is dead except for him and Self, so there is no need for further violence.

Selling Scylla

Meanwhile, Gretchen takes Self to meet with the Scylla buyer. The buyer is anxious to close the deal so that he can screw over The General (maybe The General molested his teenage daughter). After examining Scylla, he informs Self that a piece is missing, and he won't buy it until Self gets that final piece. Guess who thought to keep a small piece of Scylla to use as leverage? If you guessed Termie's ghost, then you would be wrong. If you guessed Michael Scofield, however, then you are correct. Self calls Michael and demands the piece, to which Michael replies "come and get it." Oh, it's on!

Did you enjoy the chaos and mass casualties in today's episode? What do you think will happen between Michael and Self next week? What is The Genera's plan? Leave a comment!

Story by Derek Krebs

Starpulse contributing writer