Julia Roberts has little time for movies when she's at home with her kids because they'd all rather read books than spend two hours in front of a screen.
The star values family time with her husband Danny Moder and their kids and hates the idea of just sitting and watching a film they might not all enjoy.
She tells WENN, "We're more book people. They (kids) have a lot of fairytale books and some of the old ones have such great illustrations and with proper parental editing when reading before bed, they're quite lovely.
"Those nice, cozy, very short hours before bed, we just really spend together as a family, sharing the day and reading books and, before you know it, it is time for bed. There's just not time for that (watching movies). We would prefer something different in that time.
"It's nice that it (reading) opens up other options; stories and poetry and talking, sharing ideas."