Dame Judi Dench deliberately peeked at Bob Hoskin's manhood during the filming of new movie 'Mrs Henderson Presents'.

The veteran actress admits she waited around on set before Hoskins had to shoot a full-frontal nude scene for the critically acclaimed film so she could get a good look at his appendage. She told Newsweek magazine: "I had to do it. Do you think I'm going to let Bob Hoskins take all his clothes off and not take a look?"

Meanwhile, Dench has confessed she never reads plays before agreeing to star in them.

The legendary actress admits she doesn't screen her roles and only agrees to appear in most of her work "because someone asked me to".

Dench said: "I've got myself into real trouble by saying yes to a play, then going to the first reading and realising, 'This is a bummer!'"