Jude Law could be Superman’s arch enemy. The Alfie actor is in talks to appear as the Man of Steel’s most hated foe General Zod in the Superman Returns sequel. The role of General Zod was made famous by Terence Stamp, who played the character in 1980 movie Superman 2 – and producers see a resemblance between Stamp and Law.

A source told Daily Express newspaper: “Zod is going to be the main bad guy in the second film. Some say they should use an unknown but the director Bryan Singer is looking at Jude. The similarities between him and Stamp are clear.”

The 33-year-old has so far steered clear of superhero movies, fearing they would typecast him and ruin his chances of starring in other film genres. Just two years ago Law turned down the role of Superman.

He said at the time: “My greatest fear is that a role like that would define me. Do I want to be known from here on in as Superman? I’d feel the same way about James Bond. They are iconic characters and there is also pressure in stepping into someone else’s tights.”

The Superman Returns sequel will see Brandon Routh return as the Man of Steel and Kevin Spacey will reprise his role as Lex Luther.